Solaria for lunch today

March 22, 2013
Hey it's time for a bit snap of lunch picture and share some thought while having something to eat.

I love Solaria Restaurant. They have various menu , affordable price, cozy place and it so easy to find this restaurant in every mall in Jakarta.

One of favorite  menu is The Nasi Package, you can choose fried with Rica Rica fried chicken (spicy hot taste ) or fried chicken cooked with sweet butter.

It contains of fried chicken , rice and lots of veggies.

This one is may fav ;) Nasi ayam goreng mentega.

Nasi Ayam Mentega

Look how yummy the veggies look fresh and juicy. The fried chicken tastes sweet and a bit spicy and the rice is just at the small portion ( seem they know I'm on diet ;)

Here's my fav drink : Vanilla latte

I know it's weird to have lunch with latte but i loveee this one some much ;)

So, what's your Lunch today?


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